Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm now in Paris, going to visit the Eiffel Tower and Louvre tomorrow. It's a dream come true....  Except that i did not buy that Chanel bag...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi! I'm Caleb. I'm new to this world. Please guide me along.

This is my new nephew Caleb, my sister's 4th son. That's right, a 4th son. How many people actually get to say that. It freaks me out to the horrors to think i'd have 4 little boys screaming, finger-printing on my walls and falling over each other... but i'm sure each and every one of them are my sister's precious joy and happiness of the world. By the way this picture looks exactly like my sis when she was a baby.

Round eyes double eyelids and a pointed chin. Finally! A child who inherited looks from my side of the family. Although i do not care for the lack of a nose bridge.

Smile! This happy baby never fails to chuckle when you talk to him. It's almost like pressing a button on a talking doll. He's so chubby, right? I like to call him fei zai but my mum says you're not supposed to call a baby fat. Reason 1 babies are supposed to be fat. Reason 2 if you call him fat often enough it may tempt the hungry devil to come and gobble him up. 

These pictures were taken when he was about 3-4 months old. Melody can compare Caleb to her Jessica at 3 months and she'll understand why we gave away all those size S diapers.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The lizards in my house are getting more daring these days

Today while i was washing the dishes after lunch in broad daylight a lizard scurried out of the bin and ran across the sink right in front of me, towards the right behind the fridge, realized it was the wrong direction and ran across me again to the left.

I think it's time to 杀一儆百!

And talking about animals. My dad just fed me a dragon fruit that has worms in it. And i only realized that while i was finishing up. FML.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh right and happy birthday to me!

Red leaves in autumn- Christchurch, New Zealand

It's seldom where i get to see clear signs of autumn and Christchurch is one of these places.

Look at the half ripe tree! Hehe.

Rows of red leaves under a gloomy sky.

Gorgeous maple tree like those i read in books.

Golden leaves.

The reason why Christchurch is named so- Christ Church in Cathedral Square.

A modern sculpture.

I didn't know who he was but a small research with my good friend Wikipedia reveals that he's the city founder.

And look how the city birds thank him.


Monday, August 16, 2010

My annual leave is coming to an end :((((((((((

Thanks to my good ol' company we are in good fortune with excellent health care subsidies. I figured i might as well consult a doctor about my reoccurring persistent backaches. Which brought me to radiology. Which later reveals that my 'last joint of the spine is fused with my pelvic bone'. WTF!!!????!!!

It basically means that instead of a space between the last spine segment and the hip bone like between other obedient spine segments, there was.... none. Leaving me with a condition where continuous bending of the lower torso will aggravate the joint in question causing pain which affects the rest of the spine. Also, i won't be very flexible and able to bend very far forward.

Get this: I was born with this condition. O_o

OK so this explains why i could never get a 5point for my sit and reach test in school. In fact, this explains MANY THINGS, like why i could never achieve a very high back kick (other than my laziness to train) ALTHOUGH i make very good front and side ones. By the way i'm talking about dancing. At the peak of my flexibility i could do splits and high kicks and bends but i never understood why there exists this pain that is consistently able to stop me from reaching out far enough sitting/standing up with both legs closed in front of me. NOW I KNOW!

It might also explain why i'm short. And why i'm bad in math.

So then my doctor says i should not engage in activities that involve excessive bending or stretching. No vigorous sports. He said you must be very inflexible right? But i told him i used to be a dancer -_- My yoga classes now have to be restricted to basics only. Brisk walking and swimming are recommended. Although all my life i've never been very sporty but THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. No bending??? My job requires an average of like 800 bends everyday.

I'll take some time to mull over this new piece of information.

Another good news is i plucked up enough courage to go for one if those dubious 10mins for $10 haircuts after chalking up almost 1.7k in credit card bills and the result was pretty satisfactory so i guess i could visit again.

Oh also i have a tagboard now. Don said have to click a link to comment so laychay so ok lor here's a tagboard if anyone cares.

So much info today!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Porcupine tissue holder

I am so free these days that i managed to sew a small tissue holder. Wow i think it's the first handmade after a long hiatus, ever since i stepped into the evil working world.

Cloths are both from Japan. I actually bought the brown fairytale one in Singapore's chinatown but the purple one was hand-carried back from Kyoto, found in the midst of my sight-seeing trip. Cute porcupine pin from a random shopping mall in Beijing. Tissue-NTUC hahaha. How cool is this, i sewed 3 countries together!

One of my favourite cloths. It is actually depicting the Cinderella story.
Back view.

I miss selling my handmades but it's hard to start something up knowing it'll take too much effort to maintain amidst my full-time job :( I shall make a few now and then and hope my friends would buy them haha!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i know you won't believe me but work is really boring

I feel the most unmotivated by the work i do now so i was surfing career websites today until i remembered i'm using company benefits to travel to NYC in November so i still owe them employment till then.

Sigh. But looking on the bright side i'm going Paris next month! If i make it alive out of the flight, that is.